Empty Vagina Syndrome - EVS

Chronic suffering from lack of intercourse

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Key scientific terms:
· vaginal tissue strengthening
· Kagel exercises
· pelvic floor dysfunction
· prolapse
· enteroceles
· incontinence
· stress maladies


The condition

The condition described here occurs in adult women who are not having intercourse frequently enough. The result is loss of vaginal tissue strength and getting loose or gaping vagina, incontinence and stress maladies.

EVS effects about a third of all adult woman, and more than two thirds of adult women in the highest income brackets.

The message

The message here is that there are treatments. You can have intercourse with a man right away, and have intercourse often enough to prevent EVS. There are exercises that you can do with your vagina, and special medical equipment you can insert into your vagina that can reverse EVS.

Rigorous intercourse is the cure.

What is Empty Vagina Syndrome? (E.V.S)

Empty Vagina Syndrome is the lack of intercourse on a regular basis for a prolonged period of time. The symptoms and consequences are different for women as they age. Common are: loose or gaping vagina, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, bad moods, pre-menstrual syndrome, pessimistic outlook, depression, uncontrollable criticizing others, hostility towards men, hostility to women who are receiving intercourse, road rage, raised voice with children, slamming doors, unsatisfying masturbation, vaginal sourness, fishy smell, acidic discharge, descent of bladder neck and urethra into the roof of the vagina, incontinence, or enteroceles (decent of the peritoneum, the thin sac that contains abdominal organs, into the vagina).

Younger women

in their twenties and thirties, experience warning symptoms like; painful periods, negative mood changes like P.M.S., painfully sensitive nipples, bloating, weight gain, acne, constipation, loose or gaping vagina and vaginismus (pain during intercourse).

Middle aged women

in their forties and fifties, are at risk for serious health issues. The longer EVS has gone on, the more severe the consequences. Doctors are forced to recommend surgery, Kagel exercises, hormone replacement, extreme diets and semen therapy.

Older women

can suffer urinary incontinence (peeing in the pants and then must wear adult diapers), bulging lower belly and are still at risk for any of the serious women's health issues they might not have suffered yet.

Why is your vagina empty?

Most sufferers of EVS list excuses around not wanting to date; laziness, poor self image, lack of confidence, fear of physical pain or general pessimism about the likelihood of success. But even the few that had legitimate reasons (that at first seemed impossible to overcome) were able to achieve intercourse regularly once they made up their minds to do it. For example, there is a niche dating site for every type of woman, overweight, amputee, hairy, hiv, ugly, etc.

You are in a "relationship" but not having intercourse enough?

Fully half of EVS sufferers who are in a relationship with a man called themselves "sexually active" but upon honest reflection they admitted to not having intercourse nearly enough. Marriage is even worse for EVS. A staggering eighty percent of married women where having less intercourse than they had before they were married and the situation got worse the longer they stayed married.

You have had babies, does that mean you will get EVS?

Having babies is the single best prevention for many conditions; breast cancer, cervical cancer etc. However after giving birth is a critical time in preventing EVS. Many women's feeling change about their vaginas and therefore they don't have enough intercourse. You may feel that your vagina is stretched, injured or exhausted. You may want to protect yourself from the rigors of a penis intercoursing you. You may have a stitch and pain. You may even feel that your vagina now has a spiritual side of life creation and that offering her to a man again is dirty. Other feelings can be that intercourse is what got you pregnant in the first place, that your vagina got through the pregnancy, delivery and she is exhausting or that now you have to do child care and you are just too tired.

If you have these valid and legitimate feelings it may take extra motivation to get you back on the horse and ready to have intercourse again. You can read about the significant risk of serious conditions including Enteroceles: decent of the peritoneum, the thin sac that contains abdominal organs, into the vagina. You can talk to other mothers who have had similar reluctance and are suffering. You can talk to your partner and ask him if, at this time in his life, he needs you to want to have intercourse with him.

You don't want to become pregnant?

This puts you in the highest risk group. These are women who are usually single or in a monogamous relationship. They are not dating regularly and are not having intercourse with numerous men. This group tends to be abstinent or on birth control pills, or both and may also use condoms. They are reluctant to have intercourse with strangers and may turn men off so then do not get a second chance for intercourse with the same man. A monogamous relationship that has disintegrated into infrequent intercourse not only encourages EVS but by not allowing you intercourse with other men prevents you from finding a cure.

But how can you have intercourse with a stranger?

Internet dating is the modern way to find a partner for intercourse. Follow the safety rules (tell someone where you are going and when to expect a phone call with all the juicy details) and use a condom. Talk to someone for a while by chat, video chat or phone before agreeing to meet. Be honest with them, but without giving too much away (like home address, work address or phone number). Tell them you are being proactive against EVS and you are looking for a man who wants to make you happy during intercourse. If you are hoping for a relationship, be honest about that too.

Is there somewhere you can go to just have intercourse?

Yes. Believe it or not there are bars that have "swinger's clubs" meet there for intercourse on the premises. You can search the internet for your neighborhood for one near you. Find out when they meet and if there is a theme that night so you can dress appropriately. Bring a condom.

Is there something you can put into your vagina that will help prevent Empty Vagina Syndrome?

A penis. There is no substitute for a real man giving you intercourse. Second best is not a dildo, surprisingly. A dildo fills you up and opens your canal but it does nothing for the main muscle group that surrounds your vagina and needs to be worked out. Kagel exercises with a small weighted plug is the best second choice. These can be found in very large adult stores, or ordered on-line from retailers like http://www.kegelexercisesforwomen.com/products.html
Read more about Kagel exercises at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/patientinstructions/000141.htm

The cure for Empty Vagina Syndrome is sex Find an Adult Friend at Adult Friend Finder

"Before I began treatment for my Empty Vagina Syndrome I had a lot of problems in my life, and not just the physical ones. I was struggling with my studies, I din't have much of a social life and I had troubles I needed help with that I just didn't have a man to help me with. I started meeting men who would come over and give my vagina treatment (intercourse) and I started having satisfying orgasms, my cramps went away and all the stress related stuff stopped hurting. Also I got help with all the things I needed, handyman stuff. I bought a tool kit and guys were happy to help fix the apartment problems. I added to my ad that I also wanted some tutoring with algebra and the number of responses actually went up. It's been great. I needed a date for a wedding that I was asked to be a bridesmaid at. I just added that he had to be discreet and personable to accompany me to a family wedding and it worked out fine, I had a great time time, and my friends were even more impressed when I confessed that we were just together for sex. I have lost weight, my grades are way up, I'm going out, guys are paying for stuff, my apartment is great and my stress is gone, no more pain or skin problems or mood swings. I have never been happier."

If your vagina is already damaged from prolonged EVS you may need surgery and at this stage any intercourse may be harmful. See your gynecologist or a urologist if you have any internal organ protrusions into or coming out of your vagina.

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